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Download your files at maximum speed and multiple parallel requests directly from your browser with our browser downloader.

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Accelerated Faster Downloads!

Download your files with the "Download via browser" option to get the maximum speed possible. Just click on "Start Download" button and the rest is managed by our tool.

Parallel Connections!

Files are downloaded in multiple chunks in parallel connections.

Most modern browsers support good numbers of concurrent connections with HTTP/1.1 requests. With HTTP/2(SPDY), the number of concurrent requests is Multiplexed with a single connection to speed up file transfer.

Modern Browser Support

This tool is supported by all modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera etc.

* Maximum connections depends on your browser's limit.

* Most browsers support 6 to 9 parallel connections.

* HTTP/2 requests are Multiplexed on one single TCP connection.

* Source: Stack Overflow

Parallel connectins by browsers

Browser Connections Per Hostname Max Connections
Chrome 6 256
Edge 6 1000+
Firefox 6 or 9 1000+
Safari 6 1000+
Internet Explorer 6 to 12 1000+

How to download with browser?

Just select the browser downloader option and start the process. Everything else is done automatically.

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